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Network with like-minded professionals and build valuable connections within the RethinkingUX community.

Experience a dynamic and interactive event that fosters collaboration, learning, and growth.

Discover new perspectives and gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders.

Immerse yourself in a supportive and inspiring environment that encourages exploration and innovation.

Expand your professional network and forge connections with influential professionals in the field.

Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about the latest trends and advancements in UX.


Convoke, a premium offline event, unites industry experts in a vibrant exchange of wisdom with the RethinkingUX community. Join us for enlightening FAQ sessions where experts clarify doubts, delve into the latest industry trends and network.

We formulated convoke across different cities to connect, learn, and share their ideas and perspectives.



Kasa Kai





Make a difference - Support our vibrant community

We'd love to discuss how we can partner/collaborate and showcase your brand to our engaged audience.

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