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Job hunting? We’ve got your back!

Open doors to premium career opportunities, absolutely FREE! 

RethinkingUX has partnered with UX Fairy, a leading strategic staffing and recruitment firm in the User Experience field to help the community members unlock their potential and secure their dream job. 

is making waves across the globe, from India to Europe, USA to Singapore, South Korea, and beyond.

Rs 12,999/- 

Commitment fee 

Personalized job matching 

UX Fairy goes the extra mile to understand your skill set, expertise and recommend jobs that align with your unique abilities

Free recommendations

UX Fairy offers their job matching services at zero cost to you. Benefit from their expertise without any financial burden.

Trustworthy & reliable

UX Fairy has earned a stellar reputation as a trusted resource for job seekers. They consistently deliver high-quality opportunities that match your skill.

Job hunting? We’ve got your back!

Unleash premium career opportunities with our FREE platform. Connect seamlessly, at no cost, with employers and unleash your potential.

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Talent hunting? Look no further.

Tap into exceptional talent, free of charge, and supercharge your organization with their skills and expertise.

Rs 12,999/- 

Commitment fee 

Industry leading talent:

Access our community of top-notch professionals and benefit from their extensive experience and insights.

Diverse Expertise

Connect with designers, researchers, strategists, and more from various disciplines within our community.

Community advantage

Our platform is built on a vibrant community of professionals, offering support, guidance, and networking opportunities.

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