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Shivani Bhargava

User Experience & Accessibility at NCR Corporation

13+ years of experience


Advocate for simplicity and innovation in business and user experiences.

- Over the last 13 years, I have donned different hats of a design strategist, user researcher, team leader, and mentor.

- I am a master's in psychology from Delhi University and made an organic transition into the UX world.

- Started my career as a researcher, and within a few years, I got immersed in understanding businesses and users to mitigate gaps and simplify digital experiences.

- I carry great learnings of working in both industry spaces, i.e. product and service.

- I have captained projects in the banking, e-commerce, retail, and distribution sectors for clients as prestigious as HDFC Mutual Funds, IDFC Mutual Funds, Wintrust Bank (USA), Snapdeal, and Axiom (HYKE/UAE).

- As a Senior Design Manager at NCR Corporation, I overlook banking's ATM and Teller systems in design and accessibility aspects. I focus on enriching design culture thriving with collaboration, innovation, excellence, and empowerment.

-I am also a certified DHS Section 508 Accessibility trusted tester.

Always happy to discuss things around psychology, UX, music, sports, and accessibility!


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