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Nitin Kumar

UX Design Director at SAP

20+ years of experience


My Design Philosophy:
I affirmably believe that the designs are worked by both mind and heart. Mind helps you to criticize your work, where your heart makes you love your work. Thus, you end up making better designs if not good.

About Me:
Nitin Kumar is a UX Design Manager with over 15+ years of experience. He is leading design projects and actively contributing to SAP’s well-known products. He is having a deep knowledge of the software design process and masters all aspects of UCD including user research, interaction design, and visual design. He is a thought-leader in design-led innovation in the enterprise. He is committed to delivering industry acknowledged products and services that help businesses transform the way they work. He is having diverse work experience from Product Design and Consulting, Enterprise applications to consumer services, touching many technologies and platforms.
He is a proven and trusted colleague in building, coaching and inspiring, leveraging design-thinking, and co-innovation.


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