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Madhumita Gupta

Head of Design at Reliance Retail

20+ years of experience


With a career spanning 23 years focused on digital experience, research, design, and innovation, Madhumita has built and led successful multi-disciplinary teams. These teams bridge design, psychology, product, engineering, and data analytics to create innovative experiences rooted in user needs, business value, and design ethics in B2C and B2B domains.

•Stood up an experience design and product capability that added 15% to the total company revenue over six months
•Built a 15-person global experience design team for a Fortune 100 company product and technology firm while managing financial and budgeting strategy
•An evangelist, speaker, and business-aligned leader inspiring multinational designers in new product conceptualization and experience designs
•Award-winning global working experience in various countries across the globe like Singapore, Japan, The Netherlands, Australia, and the USA
• Evangelising and mentoring product and design professionals at various career stages


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